Contributing code

You are welcome to change UsTK and are invited to contribute your improvements back for the benefit of the community.

Important before submitting a contribution

  • Before contributing to any UsTK folder in, the contributor must transfer the rights of the work to Inria (France) by providing a copyright transfer agreement. If you intend to do this, download the transfer form, fill it, and send us back a scan.
  • The work must follow the UsTK coding standards that are the same as ViSP coding standards.
  • We also propose to the community a dedicated contrib repository to collect modules from contributors. For contribution in this repository, the contributor don’t have to transfer the rights of the work to Inria. The license associated to the contribution should be explicit.
  • In all cases, the contributor will be considered as the author of the contributed work, and be acknowledged for it in the release notes, web documentation, and other places that may apply (such as source code for contributed modules). Note that all contributions are individually considered for inclusion by the ViSP dev team and may be rejected. If you have any questions about making a contribution, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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